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For over thirty years, SoftPlan has delivered the most complete design solution available by listening to our customers and creating a CAD package that meets their needs at every turn SoftPlan remodel provides the same level of quality building professionals expect from SoftPlan, but in a new offering intended for remodeling projects such as kitchens, baths, decks, screen porches, and more. You will be able to design new plans, update existing ones, and promptly respond to clientele needs using proven, industry-leading technology.

SoftPlan remodel offers all of the functionality of traditional SoftPlan with one major exception: SoftPlan remodel projects are limited to a single floor.

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The SoftPlan remodel Free Trial + Demonstration offers a look at the latest product from SoftPlan's home design software.

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Why SoftPlan remodel?

This short video explains what makes SoftPlan remodel the best choice for remodels, kitchens, baths and deck design.

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Create High Quality Renderings

In today’s competitive building industry, professional looking 3D renderings are indispensable design and sales tools. SoftPlan allows you to employ many different rendering options such as advanced shadows, reflections, sun studies, indirect lighting and photorealistic graphics to deliver better-looking results in less time than any other program on the market.


SoftPlan 3D of a Project


Picture of Finished Project

Immediate Design Feedback

Use the 3D model to create a more aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound design. Draw in the context of your 3D model and see the real world implications of your creative choices.


Pool House_textured_2K

Sell Your Design

SoftPlan’s advanced 3D capabilities give you the ability to work with clients to tailor the project to their unique needs. Engage your client at any stage of the design process using SoftPlan’s artistic rendering styles such as sketched, watercolor, clay model, and more. By combining immersive interior and exterior images, stylized renderings, and stunning walkthrough animations, you can easily create captivating presentations in realistic 3D.

Construction Documents

When you design a floor plan, SoftPlan is modeling what you’ve drawn and automatically creating elevations and the materials list.With SoftPlan you draw a wall because you’re building a wall. SoftPlan drawings are drawn with familiar objects: roofs, windows, floor joists and everything else you need. 

SoftPlan provides extensive customization tools to make any detailed modification you require. Whether it’s adding realistic manufacturer symbols, creating a specialized wall type, or crafting brand new cabinet styles, SoftPlan provides the ability to achieve any design.

Material Estimating

SoftList is a material estimator that allows you to automatically generate materials lists, cost estimate reports, and more using information stored in your SoftPlan floor plans.
You can automatically create Materials Lists complete with Material Description and Quantities.

SoftPlan Lite Users | Upgrade to SoftPlan remodel

SoftPlan Lite users can upgrade to SoftPlan remodel by simply subscribing to SoftPlan+ for remodel. 

SoftPlan+ for remodel is a $25/month subscription service.

More information on SoftPlan+ subscriptions.










Materials lists can be exported to estimating software, scheduling programs, and accounting packages such as QuickBooks®. Costs can be easily imported from outside sources such as lumber suppliers, current price spreadsheets, or any accounting package.

SoftPlan is a proud member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.




  1. You had a promotion that I missed for $75 per month for 12 months. So now I guess it would be 82.08 for 12 months or do I have to purchase the program “SoftPlan-Remodel in full?

    • Sorry, not exactly sure what you are asking. The full version of SoftPlan would be better suited to multifamily projects as SoftPlan remodel is limited to a single floor. SoftList is optional on the full version while a limited version is included in SoftPlan remodel.

  2. Can Softplan drawings be exported in pdf format as well as dwg format?

    Additionally, since Softplan Remodel only does single story designs, does that mean it can’t do a foundation plan?

    • .pdf files are created with the Softplan+ subscription. Softplan+ is included until the next version is released. If the foundation plan needs to be on a separate drawing the full version of SoftPlan would be required.

  3. I am evaluating both Chief Architect and SoftPlan Remodel and Chief Architect has a user manual that I can read to learn all it can do, I cannot find a user manual for your products only online training courses. Makes evaluating your products much more difficult. Please advise if you have user manuals for your products. I happen to be one of those people that likes having hard text next to me as I learn a new software program ( even if I have to print it out myself ).

  4. I am a current Softplan user and have a person who would like to purchase Softplan so they can work on projects with me. This person will mostly be drafting floor plans for me and possible some line drawn details. Would this be a good starting option to get him going? Are you able to upgrade from this to the full version without paying the full price?

    • SoftPlan remodel users can upgrade at anytime to SoftPlan for the difference in price. A person using SoftPlan remodel and a person using SoftPlan cannot share a single project. SoftPlan remodel is a great place to do single floor projects and the command structure is the same but it is not going to work as an additionial station for a full SoftPlan.

    • The remodelers configuration was available back in SoftPlan 2014. You may want to take a look at the new SoftPlan remodel product here.

      • Thank you for your help, it’s greatly appreciated. I belive from the info. you provided it will be btter for us to purchase the fully loaded version which is the same as I use.

  5. What is the difference between the normal softplan program and this? If you purchase the full version are you not receiving the options as remodel or is remodel a smaller version of softplan 2016?

    • You can definitely complete remodeling jobs in the full version of SoftPlan, there is actually a “remodel” configuration option when it is installed. SoftPlan remodel is a less expensive product that is limited single floor jobs.

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