SoftPlan remodel Pricing

One-Time Payment

SoftPlan remodel $985

Installments – 12 equal monthly payments

SoftPlan remodel $85 x 12

SoftPlan+ for remodel

SoftPlan+ for SoftPlan remodel users.  Key numbers begin with R followed by 6 digits $25/month

* SoftPlan+ is a subscription service

** A SoftPlan+ subscription is the only way to upgrade from an older version of SoftPlan remodel to the current version of SoftPlan remodel.

*** SoftPlan+ subscriptions are applied to copies of SoftPlan already owned and are not additional copies.

Installments available only to US and Canadian customers. Installment plans must be paid by credit card.

By purchasing the SoftPlan remodel program, a SoftPlan+ cloud services subscription is included at no additional cost up until the time of the next SoftPlan release.

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Programs sent within the Continental US and Canada are shipped at a charge of $15 for standard ground shipping, $35 for two day shipping, $55 for next day shipping in the Continental US.  $55 for select shipping in Canada.

Note: Select shipping in Canada is not necessarily overnight, see details here.