SoftPlan remodel: FAQs


Can SoftPlan remodel be upgraded to the full SoftPlan?

Yes - SoftPlan remodel can be upgraded to SoftPlan at any time.  Any money paid toward SoftPlan remodel will be credited toward the SoftPlan purchase.

What is the difference between SoftPlan and SoftPlan remodel?

The main difference is that projects created in SoftPlan remodel are restricted to a single floor.  Some SoftPlan commands are not available including Neighborhood, Building Options, Layers, Overlay and Multi Drawing.

What type of computer does SoftPlan require?

The hardware requirements are very similar to SoftPlan and can be found here.

Can a SoftPlan Lite be upgraded to SoftPlan remodel?

Yes - SoftPlan Lite users can trade in their SoftPlan Lite for a new SoftPlan remodel by simply subscribing  SoftPlan+ for remodel.

Can drawings created in the regular version of SoftPlan or SoftPlan Lite be opened in SoftPlan remodel?

No. SoftPlan remodel cannot open drawings authored in other SoftPlan products.

Does SoftPlan remodel include a printed manual?

No - the SoftPlan remodel manual is on screen not printed.

Does SoftPlan reView need to be purchased with SoftPlan remodel?

No - Use of SoftPlan review is included with the SoftPlan remodel purchase until a new version of SoftPlan remodel is released and included with the SoftPlan+ subscription after that.  SoftPlan reView cannot be purchased separately and added to SoftPlan remodel.


  1. Hi there. My computer does not have a disk drive. Do soft plan products offer a digital download of the actual program? Thank you.

    • Yes – SoftPlan remodel has a version of SoftList. This version is basic and cannot be customized. If you’re looking to customize the way materials are counted or the reports the full version of SoftPlan and SoftList is required. Note that the full version has a remodeler’s setup option on install.

    • SoftPlan remodel is the perfect tool for basement remodels. It’s really easy to do. You can download a trial and try it yourself or have one of the sales people draw a basement job for you. It won’t take long at all.

  2. So If I draw out an entire floor and save, and then draw out another floor and save as, It won’t save both into the same project because it can only do one floor?

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