SoftPlan 2018 New Features: File

Auto Basement

The Auto Basement command marks another leap forward for SoftPlan’s powerful, time-saving automation.

With a click of the mouse, you can quickly generate an automatic basement or foundation plan without the hassle of creating a new drawing.

The Auto Basement feature references your main floor plan and, after selecting your walls and wall heights, creates a foundation drawing that is automatically added to the model stack.


When converting AutoCAD drawings to SoftPlan drawings via the wizard the import speed is increased.

High Resolution Monitors

Start Page font sizing improved on very high resolution monitors.


Search Projects command includes Drawing Names.


Shared Projects

Shared indicator added to the status column of the Start Page.



When exporting a SoftPlan model to SketchUp the .SKP file automatically takes on the name of the SoftPlan Project being exported.

SoftPlan+ Cloud Server

Upload Project to SoftPlan+ server command added to File > Save menu.

Performs a manual save to the cloud.



Projects on the Start Page can be sorted by column heading.


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