SoftPlan was formed to automate the process of home design and decades later, still remains the industry’s leading residential CAD package.

SoftPlan home design software allows you to create construction documents with absolute accuracy in a fraction of the time you could do so by hand. And since drawings are easily customized with fully editable objects, switching to SoftPlan will not change the signature look of your home plans or interrupt your current workload.

Easy to Learn

SoftPlan’s learning curve is the absolute shortest in the industry. With other CAD programs you draw lines to represent a wall. With SoftPlan you draw a wall because you’re building a wall. SoftPlan’s smart objects are designed to echo their real world equivalents. When a window is drawn, the shutters, trim, header, and jack studs are automatically added and the rough opening is framed with correct dimensions.

As you’re adding all of this information to your floor plans, SoftPlan is assembling a highly detailed digital model. This “BIM” model is used to automatically create floor plans, elevations, cross sections, roof plans, framing diagrams, electrical plans, site plans, detail drawings and more with just the click of a button.

Sell More Homes

SoftPlan allows you to work smarter, not harder, to sell more homes. In today’s competitive building industry, professional 3D renderings are indispensable design and sales tools. Bring your 3D to life using SoftPlan’s advanced shadows, reflections, sun studies, and photorealistic graphics.

SoftPlan allows you to captivate clients early on in the design process by showing them easy to create stylized renderings.

Robinson Residential Construction

Robinson Residential Construction

More Satisfied Clients

Satisfied clients are a guaranteed way to distinguish your company from the competition. SoftPlan allows you to give optimum personal service to your clients. By giving them a 3D tour of their home before it’s built, you can work with your clients to tailor the home to their unique needs.

"There is no way to draw a floor plan any faster than with SoftPlan. Even if all you work with are floor plans, SoftPlan is for you. My revisions are a snap. I design a wide variety of homes - simple to very complex with all types of foundations. SoftPlan is perfect for what I do because it is specifically programmed to design and detail residential

Larry James
Monroe, LA

I am in search of a great home/architectural program for designing products for my company & my customers for visual effect, estimating, & plans. I must say your product has been the best of the bunch from the little time I was allowed to try it out in the demo, it had a really smooth feel to it & the basic learning curve was a lot more comfortable & user friendly for me compared to the others I demo' d, its nice to see a program that makes sense to a person off the start. I really enjoy the fact that the window boxes pop up so you can easily edit everything and go through all the options ex. roof designs & framing and it shows it can really be put in the hands of more than just architects and draftsmen. I would really like to buy your product in the near future because I know it would be a great asset to me & my company. I really think you guys have something amazing & will be looking forward to purchasing ...

Rylan Anderson
Brock, SK