SoftPlan version 2020 New Feature: Plan Sets

Drawing Label

Right Click Edit added to Drawing Label on a Plan Set.


PDF Import added to Plan Set.


Not to Scale override added to the Scale selection.


Lines on the Overlay appear black on the white Plan Set page when using a black background on the drawing.


When creating a single PDF file (via right click in the navigation window) the file name is automatically filled in.


Pages Use Screen Color override option added.  All pages in the Plan Set will Print using screen colors.


Room Sizes are read from the right when a Drawing in a Plan Set is rotated 90 degrees.

2020 Plan Set Deisgn Size Rotate

Title Block

Title Blocks are included when a Project is opened on another SoftPlan station.

SoftPlan+ subscribers only.


  1. Is Softplan going to provide a feature to print PDF layers? AutoCAD has been doing this forever and it is very useful for clients who do now have CAD but want to customize looks when printing PDF files.
    Jon Walters, Softplan user since 2005

  2. We use the @area code for generating our areas on plan set.
    you can round it off on the area tab, but not in plan set.
    Is there a way to get it to round off the to a whole number? or is this something that can will be updated in the future?


  3. Does the new update include the option of moving the planset pages up/down in the list? Thinking similar to the Model tab where the drawings can move up or down. Lets say I want to make my page 4 become page 1…I would just right click ‘Page 4’ and move it up to the top of the list…

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