SoftPlan Referral Program


We know without our customers recommending SoftPlan to their friends and colleagues, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We need your help to build the SoftPlan community and we want to show you that we appreciate your support by encouraging the use of the SoftPlan Referral Program.
Click the button below to create your unique referral number.
Any new SoftPlan software purchased using your referral number earns your business 3 free months of SoftPlan Plus benefits like cloud sharing, enhanced technical support, and premium content.

Your business receives: 3 free months of SoftPlan Plus

The referred customer receives: 10% discount on any new software purchase

How Does This Work?

  1. Generate your unique referral number.
  2. Share the number with your friends.
  3. When the referred customer is ready to order, place the order here and enter the referral number as the promotion code.

  4. That's it! Our system will automatically apply the discount to the order and the SoftPlan+ credits to the company that made the referral.


  1. You must be a current SoftPlan owner to make a referral.
  2. You can't refer yourself.
  3. Referral discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
  4. Discount only applies to new product purchases.
  5. Discounts do not apply to an additional key or seat purchases.
  6. Discounts do not apply to SoftPlan subscriptions.
  7. Offer valid only in USA and Canada.
  8. Discounts and SoftPlan Plus access are nontransferable.
  9. SoftPlan Plus credits are for 3 months on the main key.


  1. If you want to sell more Softplan packages give us a promotional link coded to us that we can promote on social media sites we own and our websites and blogs.
    Step it up and give us banners we can promote on say Pinterest and other social media sites.
    A one on one approach as an affiliate does not motivate any type of sales growth for Softplan .
    I want to get a commission from any where in the world that someone is interested in Softplan not just my 3ft circle.
    Think bigger than that.
    David Kilby
    Kilby Design/Build

  2. I have referred my client Oswald Construction who has downloaded a trial version. Their employee is joining me today to learn the basics before they purchase the program for their office and she begins working on their own program.

    The hope is we can “connect” via Softplan+ with the drawings she does in her office allowing me to access them and review for code compliance and structural issues.

    I don’t know how to “connect” as yet, but I understand that’s one of the benefits of us both having Softplan+.

    • You are correct that project sharing is one of the benefits of SoftPlan+. You will be able to “share” projects with each other via the Project Option dialog.

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