What can you tell me about 3D in SoftPlan?

It’s fast, easy to learn, and easy to use.

A to-scale three dimensional rendering of your model appears at your request instantaneously during any phase of the drafting process. SoftPlan allows you to apply countless textures to three dimensional surfaces – e.g. hardwood, carpet or tile to floor surfaces; brick, siding or stucco to exterior wall surfaces; etc.. To bring your model to life, various lighting, which casts incredible shadows and reflections, can be added. Sunshine, representative of various daytime hours, is easily simulated. Even create exterior or interior spotlights, lamps, and overhead lighting – it’s all available, and nothing short of amazing!

3D views are generated in different modes such as Wire Frame, Hidden Line, Shaded, and a Textured 3D. The Textured 3D shows different surfaces such as brick, stone, siding, shingles, etc.


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