What type of video card does SoftPlan require?

SoftPlan requires a video card capable of supporting DirectX version 11. Video cards which only support earlier versions of DirectX will result in significantly degraded performance and are not recommended.

SoftPlan requires a minimum of 512 MB of dedicated video RAM, however the more memory on the video card, the better your graphics will be.  Depending on the card, higher numbers of pixel shaders, vertex shaders, or stream processors will also yield better performance. Note that the video card does not affect the performance of SoftPlan’s Ray Traced mode.

SoftPlan runs well with the majority of the graphics cards recently released by NVIDIA and AMD.

Whoever the manufacturer of your graphics card, it is important to keep the video driver current. For more information, check the manufacturer’s site.

Preferred:  DirectX 11 support, 1 GB+ dedicated RAM. The higher the number of pixel shaders, vertex shaders, and stream processors the better the resulting 3D performance will be in all modes but Ray Traced. SoftPlan Ray Traced mode uses the CPU and not the graphics card.

Exclusions: Workstation class graphics cards, such as the NVIDIA Quadro® series and the AMD Radeon™ Pro (formerly FirePro™) series, are generally NOT recommended as they tend to deliver poor performance when used with SoftPlan, which is designed to take advantage of features provided by so called ‘gaming’ cards, features which most workstation cards lack.

Limitations:  Integrated graphics (i.e. no separate graphics card) often do not have dedicated RAM, instead sharing memory with the system in general. This is common with both laptop and desktop computers and can result in inferior performance as compared to that of a separate graphics card.

Click here to install the most current version of the DirectX driver.

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