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Please read the instructions below to download patch files:
For information on the version which you are currently running, from SoftPlan click on the Help Menu then About SoftPlan. These patches may not download to AOL native browser. We recommend Microsoft Explorer®. After installing the patch, view the WHATSNEW.TXT file in the SoftPlan folder for information on features included in the patch. You must patch to Version 10.0.8 and then Version 10.1.0 before patching to Version 10.1.1.
The 10.2.1 patch is a maintenance release for SoftTalk users and does not include any new program features. Only SoftTalk users require this patch. Please read the Complete Download Instructions before proceeding.
Click Here for Instructions on Applying 10.1 Patch Files
Click Here for Instructions on Applying 10.2.1 Patch Files
SoftPlan Pro
Educational Master
Educational Workstation
SoftPlan Lite
Pro 10.0.8 (1.7MB)
Lite 10.0.8 (1.6MB)
Help Ver 10.0.8 (1.4MB)
Pro 10.1.0 (2.2MB)
Edu M 10.1.0 (2.2MB)
Edu S 10.1.0 (2.1MB)
Lite 10.1.0 (2.2MB)
Font Installer (1.2MB)
(for all v10.1.0 )
Pro 10.1.1 (570kb)
Edu M 10.1.1 (517kb)
Edu S 10.1.1 (617kb)
Lite 10.1.1 (571kb)
Pro 10.2.1 (1.2MB)
Edu M 10.2.1 (1.2MB)
Edu S 10.2.1 (1.2MB)
Lite 10.2.1 (1.2MB)
SoftPlan Activator® Key Driver Update
  Who should install this update:  
Version 8 or 9 users upgrading to version 11
Importing drawings from DOS based versions of SoftPlan into version 11 requires that an updated SoftPlan Key Driver be installed. Click on the link below to download and install the current driver.
Version 10 users upgrading from Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or Windows® Me to Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
If you upgrade your operating system to Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP after having installed SoftPlan you will also need to upgrade the key driver. Click on the link below to download and install the current driver. Users upgrading from Windows® NT do not require this update.
Version 10 users who are upgrading to version 11 on the same computer already have this driver installed and do not require this update. However, if you install version 11 on a new computer you will require this update on the new computer.
Version 11 users who do not have an earlier version of SoftPlan installed and who are not importing drawings from earlier versions do not require this update.
Key Driver Update Page