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Demo Walls

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#1 Jo-Anne Peck

Jo-Anne Peck


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Posted 18 May 2022 - 05:38 PM

I have a set of plans for a remodeling project. I drew the walls that will be getting removed and have them on a demo layer that I turned off for the finished plans (on for demo plan, off for proposed plan). Even though the walls to be demoed are turned off, the program won't let me place cabinets where the old walls are. Am I missing something simple to make it ignore the walls that will be removed? 

#2 Dennis Asher

Dennis Asher

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Posted 19 May 2022 - 06:12 AM

I think using building options instead of layers will work better for you.

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#3 Mark Petri

Mark Petri

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Posted 19 May 2022 - 08:45 AM

Like Dennis says, building options are better for such desired outcome. Layers that are turned off will still show up in 3D and be represented in the model, so that is why cabinets cannot be placed where there was something on your demo layer. When a building option is turned off all the 3D information tied to that option is also turned off. In theory those items no longer affect the model, but I find they don't work as well as I would expect either. Sometimes there is some interference in the model or drawing even though the building option is off.


So, I use a "demo" layer to show walls and other parts as being removed. I have that layer set to dashed lines and a different pen color. I draw my plans as a demo set of plans (as-built) and then save as another set to work with concepts. When I have as-built drawings with the demo layer set I add those drawings and elevations to my plan set. Then I start working on the new set of drawings saved for concepts. I try not to go back and change anything on the as-built/demo set (especially elevations as I use "live" elevations). I populate the SoftView (3D) model with the new concept drawings. I have also found many clients flip flop, so I save versions of concepts, but always keep the name of my initial concept drawings as the ones used in the model so all I have to do is update the elevations and any other views on the plan set so they show the current concept. The older concepts are just numbered for each version. Sometimes I end up with several and archive them in a separate folder within the SP project. Clear as mud, right?


In either case, you can use a layer and/or building options to show what is being removed. But, my suggestion would be to take those drawings and save them as a new drawing to develop concepts. Just delete all on the demo layer and you are ready for concepts.

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