Complete Viewer Guide

  • View the house from different directions.
  • Jump to individual rooms.
  • Control walking height and display options.

Movement Buttons

Jump to the Initial View

Orbit around the house mode

Walk on the floor mode

Hold the buttons down to move around the model in a given direction.

Move Forward

Move Backward

Turn Left

Turn Right

Tilt Up

Tilt Down

Device Specific Options

If available, use the orientation sensor in your device to control the direction you are looking.

If available, enter into a virtual reality display of the model. In Oculus devices use A,B or X,Y to exit the model. Pushing forward on the Joystick will walk you in the direction you are looking. Tapping left or right on the Joystick will rotate your current view left or right.

Touch Screen Navigation

Pinch two fingers together toward the center of the screen to walk backward.

Spread two fingers apart away from the center of the screen to walk forward.

When inside (walking), drag a finger up/down/left/right to change where you are looking.

When outside (orbiting) drag a finger from right to left or right to left to orbit around the model.

PC Keyboard Navigation

Use the cursor keys Up/Down/Left/Right to move forward/backward and turn.

PC Mouse Navigation

Use the left mouse button to look around. Use the right mouse button pan around.

Use the mouse wheel to walk forward and backward.


No rooms have been configured.

No animations have been configured.

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