SoftPlan 2018 | Detailed Feature List

A list of 2018 detailed features will be posted here over the coming days and weeks.  They will not appear is any order. 

SoftPlan is always looking for new ideas from our users.  If you have something you would like considered for a future release please let us know here.   


  1. Anyway to get paint to cleanup via “control c” as in older versions?

    Basically you need to edit it then highlight “regenerate” in order for it to cleanup.


  2. I quite often use the “align to edge” feature in drawings. However, sometimes I don’t want to move the entire object. I think an “adjust to edge” feature would be very useful. Also, being able to anchor an item in the right click drop down menu would be helpful.

    • Adjust coupled with the new Projection Snap behavior added to SoftPlan 2018 should accomplish what you are looking for.

    • The information in Softplan right now doesn’t allow for the total effective R-Value of materials such as plywood, drywall, air spaces, air films on the inside and outside etc. If these values could be added as two separate columns in the wall definition listings, then you could have one column for continuous insulation and one for stud cavities to allow for the thermal bridging of these items. Also Rescheck is a department of US energy program and isn’t recognized in Canada.

      • Understood that the REScheck is American but the information that you are looking for is available on the REScheck report after the export from SoftPlan generates. The software is free.

        • I checked out ResCheck, and you still need to calculate the cavity insulation, and the continuous insulation. If you have a siding wall with OSB, continuous insulation, studs with batt insulation, and drywall, you need to calculate for the continuous insulation, the r-values of the outside air film, the siding, the housewrap, the OSB sheathing, the Insulation sheathing, vapour barrier, the drywall and the inside air film to get the effective R-value of the continuous part, and then add the cavity wall and studs based on the o.c. of your studs to get the total effective R-value of the wall. If Sofptlan could have in its system options definable R-values for the R-Value per inch of all the materials in the wall definition, then you could easily figure out the total effective R-Value of all the materials in the wall. There is a good website that has a similar way of calculating the effective R-value of walls, but it is not printable. Does this explain what I am looking for better? this would also help interface more accuratelywith the ResCheck program as well.

          • Each wall in SoftPlan provides the user the ability to enter both continuous and cavity R-values. These values are then sent to REScheck.
            REScheck only wants the R-value of the insulation materials. As per REScheck Help: “The R-values of other parts of the building assembly (e.g., gypsum board and air films) are accounted for by the program and should not be entered.”

  3. I agree. We now need to calculate effective R-Values. With the wall definition, it shouldn’t be too hard to calculate, and be able to show this on our drawings somewhere.

  4. I think it would be great to be able to do RSI calculations using the Canadian NBC 2015 Part 9.36 formula. Since you already have the edit wall option, it should be easy to add another column to the table that calculates the component values and then would give a total wall value. A extended materials listing would also be nice for this option.

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