SoftPlan 2018 | Major Features


Photon Mapping

Photon mapping has been improved to provide both direct and indirect lighting to the 3D model.

This enhancement produces softer, more pleasing images.


Path Trace Rendering

SoftPlan employs a technique called Ray Tracing to display how light sources directly interact with objects in the 3D model. While the Ray Tracing method is a relatively quick way to produce attractive 3D images, it can only approximate the indirect lighting that is produced from a more advanced lighting technique called Path Tracing.

SoftPlan 2018 adds Path Tracing to SoftPlan’s rendering capabilities which will allow you to produce the best looking 3D imagery yet.

The Path Tracing technique calculates the paths light rays travel as they bounce from point to point on the model until the light energy ultimately dissipates. As you let the Path Tracing process work, the image looks progressively better over time.

The biggest advantage of Path Trace Rendering is that the lighting setup is so much easier.

The resulting indirect lighting, blended with the direct lighting of the Ray Tracing, creates warmer, softer 3D images that will bring an unprecedented level of realism to your models, animations, and final renderings.





3D Preview

SoftPlan 2018 lets you see the immediate in-model results of your design decisions while drawing and editing floor plans and other project drawings.

As you modify a model drawing, the 3D Preview window updates to show those changes in SoftPlan’s rich Shaded mode.

Basic mouse and keyboard camera controls can be used to quickly review the three-dimensional appearance of your work.


Auto Basement

The Auto Basement command marks another leap forward for SoftPlan’s powerful, time-saving automation.

With a click of the mouse, you can quickly generate an automatic basement or foundation plan without the hassle of creating a new drawing.

The Auto Basement feature references your main floor plan and, after selecting your walls and wall heights, creates a foundation drawing that is automatically added to the model stack.







An aesthetic overhaul incorporates eye-catching flat icons and sleeker menus that look modern and improve overall organization.


Live Schedules

SoftPlan 2018 includes the option to generate “live” schedules that automatically update as you edit items on the drawing or model. Likewise, any modifications made to the information in the live schedule will update the drawings and model to reflect those changes. According to your preference, live schedules can be turned on or off and include a new Schedule Properties menu that allows changes to be made to an existing schedule’s layout and information fields without starting the schedule generation process over again.



System Options

Another time-saving feature is the ability to save System Options as a file and then load those options when they are required for a drawing. Providing convenience and increased efficiency, saved System Options files allow you to quickly load particular configurations of SoftPlan System Options when you need them without forcing you to manually change your system’s default settings each time the circumstances call for it.


A list of 2018 major features will be posted here over the coming days and weeks.  They will not appear is any order.

SoftPlan is always looking for new ideas from our users.  If you have something you would like considered for a future release please let us know here.


  1. I really like the rendering results of the path-trace engine. Nice job Softplan Developers and Programmers. Do you have any renderings showing the path-trace engine at work in interior shots? Would be great to see some. Also (if you can) a video showing the path-trace engine at work would be great as well and showing how it works. (by that I mean show it process a rendering) :-)



  2. Yes I have been designing with softplan since Ver 7 yes the famous 7 I have always supported your efforts to improve.
    I am a custom home designer as well we do a complete HVAC design.



  3. I haven’t used cloud so this request may already be available.
    does softplan have a cloud that lets you store all your settings, including custom walls, symbols etc along with project folder so you can pull from remote locations (ie work from home rather than office)?

  4. Interesting but it looked like the product name did not change in the schedule. Could be very confusing if someone just quickly reads the name and assumes that this is the correct selection.

    • James, When the product code is adjusted, it changes to read “192X84 – 1 PANEL-MODIFIED”. This is because we are modifying a already existing product code, not changing it to a completely different product code. We have updated the video to make this more clear. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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