SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Roofs

Auto Roof

As is done with each subsequent version of SoftPlan significant resource is spent to enhance the Auto Roof command.


A Shadow Board can be added to a Rake Fascia.



Gable Frieze generates properly when a roof Hole extends all the way to the Roof Edge.


Multiple Floor Roofs

Roofs correctly reference the outside of a Beam on an Overlay drawing.


Multiple Floor Roofs can trim Joists and Beams on the lower floors.



Roofs on metric drawings display the Roof Pitch rounded to one significant decimal place.


Ridge Caps

Custom Profiles can be assigned to Roof Profiles. 

This results in a much more realistic view of clay tile roofs.


Ridge Cap forms correctly on stacked double Dutch Gables.

Roof Holes will cut Ridge Caps.


Roof Options

Dutch Gable Overhang default added.  When a roof style is edited to be a Dutch Gable this value is automatically assigned.

Fascia Style selection added to default Roof Options.

Gable Overhang default added.  When a roof style is edited to be Gable this value is automatically assigned.

Soffit Style selection added to default Roof Options.



Soffit formation on Bay Roofs improved.



Roof Sheathing has been given a thickness.  This is probably one of the most significant changes in SoftPlan 2018.  The sheathing is extracted with thickness on the model (Elevations, Sections, 3D).

Heel Height is measured to the bottom rather than the top of the Roof Sheathing.


Shed Roof Soffits improved.



Roof Pitch selector added to the Status Bar, eliminating the need to constantly open the Roof Options dialog to simple change the pitch of the roof to be applied.



Vents can be moved in Elevation, Section & 3D.


Roof Pitch visibility control added to Custom modes.



  1. We do some light commercial design it would be nice to have TPO roof material as an option to Asphalt shingles

  2. A suggestion that was made was the possibility of adding roof mounted vents, either mushroom type or Maximum vents (squared shaped roof vent with grills to allow passing air to draw air out of the roof). These would be added to the roof plans so that it attaches to the roof. They would appear in 3D and elevations and could be calculated by Softlist.

  3. I can’t believe the roof sheathing is now shown on top of the fascia board! Thanks for changing this. Now my truss heel heights are correct now without a work around.

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