SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Miscellaneous


If two Edits are done in a row, the second edit is opened to the last tab used on the first.

Project Information

Builder/Contractor information added.

Block Number added.

Lot Number added.


Project Options

Project Options added.

This is a way to specify properties of many items at the Project level as opposed to the System Option or Drawing Option level.

Rod & Shelf

The "back" of the shelf references drywall rather than framing.

Wire Shelves option added.


Selection Indication

If the Black background is still selected the expanding selection box is shaded white


Snap improved, smoothed, when zoomed in very close.

This makes drawing details much easier.

System Options

Load System Options and Save System Options commands added.

Useful when entirely different setups are required, light commercial vs. residential, or a designer with setups for different builder clients.


One Comment

  1. Systems options and project options are going to be really helpful in customizing Softplan and creating an even better workflow. This is important as investing a bit of time in your setup pays off big dividends down the line. Thanks for the options!

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