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Do SoftPlan+ subscribers need to do anything in order to make sure they receive the SoftPlan 2016 upgrade?

No, SoftPlan will automatically send all SoftPlan+ subscribers a link to the software installation and ship the new manual to the address we have on file.

Please make sure the address we have on file is current.

Will my existing SoftPlan drawings work in SoftPlan 2016?

Yes - SoftPlan drawings are forward compatible. Drawings created in an older version can be used in the current version.

There is no reason to redraw an existing SoftPlan drawing.

Will 2016 require a new key?

No, if you are Version 14, SoftPlan 2012, SoftPlan 2014 user or a SoftPlan+ subscriber.

Yes, if you are on Version 13 or older version.

What are the computer hardware requirements?

The recommended minimums are listed here

Please note these are recommended minimums, and that faster would be better.

I own SoftList, does my upgrade cost more?

No, when you upgrade SoftPlan all modules that you own are upgraded for the same price.

If a customer owns SoftPlan the upgrade costs the same as if they owned SoftPlan, SoftList, SoftTalk and SoftPlan reView.

I am looking to upgrade and have multiple keys of various versions. Do they have to be upgraded in a specific order?

Yes - the main key must be upgraded first. The highest version additional key is upgraded next … the lowest version additional key would be the last key upgraded.


  1. Q123107 or c197096
    I can’t find the email for my free upgrade to 2016
    Can I install as a new install rather than overwrite 2014

  2. Want to upgrade from my 14.2.4. To new version of softplan would this just download and pick up my existing drawings are there alot more walls and windows makes also what about toolbar

    • Please drop sales ( a note for the specifics. In general your Version 14 drawings will convert to the latest SoftPlan 2016.

    • SoftPlan users tend to work together so the 2016 +’s are being rolled out by geography. We want to minimize the chance of one user getting a version ahead of a local user that they work with. The release also has to be somewhat metered so that our support department can still provide assistance. It looks like about 24 states have been processed so far. It could take another 4 weeks to process the remainder.

  3. For Softplan+ users will the download link for the software installation always be there to download again at a later time or will you mail a back up dvd with the manual? Thank you for answering my question.

  4. can you define floor truss end details such as top chord, bottom chord, or mid chord bearing? can you design with a top chord tail bearing roof truss?

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