SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Area


The Number of Areas that can be added is unlimited.


Information Stamp

@gfa | Project Information - Gross Floor Area |  Information Stamp added.



Columns can be removed from the Area Schedule.

The new Schedule arrangement can then be saved as the Defaults.



  1. I think it would be great if it was possible to add a user defined wall ID symbol that could be added using the auto label feature and in turn auto generate wall type schedules. Also, the ability to customize the auto label information with a user defined note for that particular object or an ID symbol.

  2. Just wondering if there is going to be opportunities to create custom information stamps or at least rename the ones listed in the Project Options page? I am sure I am not the only Softplan user that could use a lot more stamps than the basic eleven offered.

  3. I’m SP+ subscriber, can’t wait for 2018! If I could have one feature, I would love to be able to customize auto labels to be a saved note and/or a symbol. That way once I’ve created a wall type with all it’s attributes as well as the customized note or symbol of my liking along with a user defined description, I could right click on the wall and select the auto label and voila there would be the symbol which could automatically create a super handy wall schedule complete with the customized symbol and the user defined walls components neatly listed. That would be slick. Right? Am I right?

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