SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Roof Framing

Collar Ties

Length added to Edit dialog.


Gable Truss

Vertical Members added.


Hip Set

Hip Set framing placement improved.

Roof Sheathing

Default Roof Sheathing Thickness set to 1/2”.

Valley Trusses

Valley Trusses on Intersecting Roof improved.


  1. It would be awesome to have heel height fixed so that I can specify a 24″ heel height and the wall finish automatically comes up to bottom of soffits. Currently I have to draw in a freize board or something and that shows up then on my elevation plans. Would be very slick to have automatic heel height finishes.

  2. With Attic Trusses, has there been a tool added to tell the truss where the attic opening is to be located in the truss? Some house designs I have, the attic opening is not always in the middle of the attic truss which is where Soft Plan…for instance…say you have a 30′ attic truss…and you have a 15′ attic opening in that truss…softplan “automatically” puts the opening center of the truss…but what if I wanted that opening to be 5′ from the front of the truss, then the 15′ opening and then 10′ to the rear of the truss which in turn would make your “knee” wall on the front side of the truss lower and the “knee” wall at the rear of the truss higher…Hope this makes sense…I don’t like having to explain that the trusses won’t be as shown because the program doesn’t allow for these to be shown correctly. I know this isn’t a truss program but for me to locate an “attic” style room, I should be able to locate the attic opening within the generic truss.

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