SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Openings

Auto Join Openings into Units

Auto Join Openings into Units option added, when this is turned off two openings in close proximity to each other will NOT join together but remain independent.


Cottage Windows

A Cottage Window library has been added to the standard opening libraries. 



Deflection option added to quickly change a   window to an arch top now applies to 2 section windows.



Dimension option “Width” added; displays width only.



Direction arrows illustrating operation added to saved Elevations and Sections.

Display Hinge Side illustrating operation added to saved Elevations and Sections.


Frame Material

Frame material can be a different color on the inside of the opening vs. the outside.

Gable Ends

Grilles added to Windows in Gable Ends.

Shutters added to Windows in Gable Ends.

Pediment Trim added to Openings in a Gable Roof End.



Repeat Edit ability added for Grilles on Elevation Openings.

Starburst Grille option added to Round Top Openings.

Sunburst Grille option added to Round Top Openings.


Opening Schedules

Glazing Area added to Opening Schedules.

Header Position added to Schedules.


Open in 3D

Open / Close Opening command added to Right Click menu in 3D.


Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors extension from center of the hole in the wall rather than the center of the entire unit.

Pocket Doors — a reversed Pocket Door will no longer show as “modified” on the Opening Schedule


Sliding Barn Doors

New opening type Sliding Barn Door Type added.



Threshold displays in 3D.

Hide Threshold now renamed to Show Wall/Sill Lines.



Trim option Stop at Transition added; prevents door trim from extending over lower portion of wainscot wall.


Trim option Stop at Wall Bottom added;  prevents door trim from extending over foundation wall.


Trim separated into different material types for wood, vinyl, cast and stucco.

Stucco added to Exterior Trim types.



  1. just wanting to know if there is going to be a superior walls foundation basement added to the wall section
    of the walls created?

  2. When finishing walls in basement, and studs and drywall are added in front of Block or concrete wall, that creates a
    new wall thickness, anyway to adjust the depth of the opening for doors and windows?

  3. can screen doors be added to door openings in the same way you can with grilles or other components where that the screen swings out as dotted line?

  4. Glad to see glazing added to the schedule. This will help with light amd vent schedules for the rooms in the house. Is there also one for clear opening area as this is also part of the light and vent schedule?

  5. Great job on these! Looking forward to more flexibility with openings in a gable end, being able to have different color frames on openings from the exterior to interior (we do mostly clad exterior/wood interior in this area so this is wonderful!). The arrow showing the direction is great (always drew that in separate) as is the addition of the barn doors (had to make my own due to demand for them). Way to go guys and gals!!!

  6. Really looking forward to these improvements. I think I’ve personally had to do work arounds with almost all of these items…mostly with 3D solids. Definitely going to save some time.

  7. I like the added new features of the openings. I do have a question about sliding barn doors, are they stationary or do they act like a regular door where you can adjust the features like how much to show open or add molding and edit like a real door opening?

    Thank you for answering my question.


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