SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Extensions


Countertops can have Extensions.



Pocket Doors can be extensioned from the center of the hole in the wall.



  1. Any chance dimension lines can be ‘cut’ by the dimension text (place the text over the center of the dimension line)? That way when you reverse a plan, the text stays where you want and not over top of other things?

    • I’ve never seen architectural plans dimensioned that way however if you have something you would like considered for a future release please create a request here

  2. Is there any chance that the extension line type could be independently customizable, as well as the dimension arrows…I.e. I like to use a center line style for extensions when dimensioning to the center of openings, I also like to use a circle arrow on the center dims and a slash on the rest, meaning the arrows are different on each end of the same string. Also filled circle arrow would be nice.

    • I would like this option too. I’ve been drawing that way for over 25 yrs (different software) and I’ve found that it’s an excellent way to differentiate dimensioning without cluttering up the dwg.

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