SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Decks


Bench Legs can be custom 3D symbols.

Joist Hangers

Automatic Joist Hanger placement improved.

Parting Boards

Curved Parting Boards added.

Multiple Parting Boards can be added to a single deck edge.



Skirting Placement option added to allow Skirting to begin below the Ring Joist.



Deck Post shortcut added to toolbar.


  1. This is wonderful! Any chance they added an option to adjust the deck skirting thickness? You can define the height on 2016 but not the thickness so if I’m using a 2×4 I could set it to 1 1/2″ thick x 3 1/2″ h, at least that I can find (please let me know if I’m wrong!)

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