SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Notes

Assign Color

Tables moved under Notes on Assign Color table.


Information Stamps

Information Stamps can be added in the middle of a line of text.

Information Stamps will wrap if included in a note set to wrap.



Live Schedules

SoftPlan 2018 includes the option to generate “live” schedules that automatically update as you edit items on the drawing or model. Likewise, any modifications made to the information in the live schedule will update the drawings and model to reflect those changes. According to your preference, live schedules can be turned on or off and include a new Schedule Properties menu that allows changes to be made to an existing schedule’s layout and information fields without starting the schedule generation process over again.


Comment field added to all items that can appear in a Schedule — allows a schedule to be regenerated without losing the notes.

Hyperlinks added to Schedules.

Hyperlinks on library items are live.

Shadow border type added to tables.




Distance between the Box Outline and the Note reduced in size so it is closer to the characters.


Outline & Mask options can be used simultaneously.


Speed Notes have access to Outline & Mask options.



  1. Live Schedules is an great update! I am wondering if there is an option on Live Schedule updates to temporarily highlight the row/item changed in the schedule and highlight the are of the change on the drawing so that a quick visual check/confirmation can be made?

  2. Suggestion: In the note dialog box- font box; why do we need to click the box (circle) to change font size? It seems so unnecessary. Just list the presets to choose from.

  3. For the live schedules (or even not live), will there be a way to avoid having “Modified” show up if the hinged side of the window is changed. For a lot of people like me, you don’t want to have 2 or 3 lines for the same window just because one is fix, one is right hinged and the other left hinged. We deal with that in the elevations. This makes the schedules to long and confusing to people because you have the same window code appearing on different lines and they wonder what is modified about the window. Live schedules looks like a great feature but will be useless to a lot of us if we can’t control this.

    • Not sure, this may be a question better directed to the technical folks, in the example above do you have 3 counts of the same window or 3 separate lines listing in the schedule?

      • 3 separate lines or could be 2. For example, if the default window is 24×30 fix, then 1 line would show 24×30. If you have in the plan the same window, but 1 is hinged right and the other hinged left, not sure if it would appear as 24×30 modified on 1 or 2 other lines.

  4. I was watching the video for Live Schedules which is a great update but I have one question ! In the sample video you inserted a 16′ wide x 7′ tall OH door ( Product Code 192 x 84 ) into a wall showing that the Openings Schedule automatically updated to show the OH door added. Then you changed the width of the door within the Openings Schedule “Width Column” to be 8′ wide to show that the floor plan would automatically adjust the width of the OH door. I noticed however that after the width change the Product Code in the Schedule didn’t update as well to reflect the new width of 8′. Would we have to manually update the Product Description in that scenario te be 96″ x 84″ so it matches the actual new width of 8′ ? If we forgot to do this it might be confusing.

    • Jim, when the width is changed, the product code is updated to read “192X84 – 1 PANEL-MODIFIED” this is because we are modifying a already created product code, not changing it completely. We have updated the video to make this more clear. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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