SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Paint

Fast Paint

Fast Paint option has been removed.

Note Outline

Note Outline type “bar” will mask Paint.


Room Mode

Model Paint option added to Room Mode.

This places an image of the plan view of the model, much like presentation mode, directly onto the Room Mode view.


Spline shaped Shade Break added.



  1. Is there an option to have the paint pattern start at the bottom or top of the area that is being painted. Adjusting the paint offset to have the paint pattern start in the right location is always time consuming.

  2. I haven’t really found the right forum yet but for those of us who do Log home and Timber design we really could use up help especially in 3-d mode! Corbel brackets and timber trusses would be much appreciated as well.

  3. Is there a way to do a “paint align” command? If I have horizontal siding and I paint between vertical deck/stair balusters I have to go in after the fact and set the vertical offset for each section.

    • Paul, I struggle with this also, especially when I have multiple height windows behind the railing that I have to adjust the paint for each one. One thing I’ve found that cuts the time down a bit is to rotate the paint 180 degrees that is between the spindles, thus it references the bottom rail or the top of the deck instead of the top rail or window above. Adjust it vertically as you had done before but remember it’s now referenced from the bottom not the top. Then use the select command to select this paint and proceed to paint in between each spindle. Now when it gets to windows that have different heights, the siding will still be aligned since it’s referencing the bottom rail. Again, not a perfect solution but does speed things up a bit.

  4. Anyway to get paint to cleanup via “control c” as in older versions?

    Basically you need to edit it then highlight “regenerate” in order for it to cleanup.



  5. Is there a difference between Paint and Fast Paint? I use Fast Paint on the elevations of all my projects and was very worried to hear that Fast Paint will be removed in version 2018. But then I found all of my same Fast Paint textures in Paint. Are they the same?

    • Fast Paint was an older function implement in a time when computers were much slower that they are today. The paint command will generate more accurately to the boundary edges. There is no difference in the textures available for selection.

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