SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Walls


A preview of the Trace Line locations added to display in Wall Definition dialog.

This is the single line that appears as a wall is drawn in plan view.


Floor Plan Appearance

The default wall definition appear shaded by default.


Wall Materials can display textured and shaded simultaneously.



Footing Information can be added to a drawing via the Auto Label command.


All footing information relocated to new the Footing tab on the Wall dialog.


Footings on Hidden walls clean up correctly.


Footing control is on a per Wall basis.

The size of a footing for two walls with the same Wall Definition can now be different.

A footing can be turned off on a per wall basis.


Snap can locate Footings in Drawing Mode.



Aluminum material added to Wall Definition list.

PVC Lumber material added Wall Definition List.

Transition Option

A Transition Option Added to Wall Materials

Defining wall types can be a very time-consuming activity while designing a house, and, if a wall definition contains a material such as a brick ledge, even more time is spent creating new wall definitions simply to change the height of that one particular material.

One of SoftPlan 2018’s most time-saving additions is a new “transition” option that is available in the Wall Definition menu. This option provides a convenient method for specifying varying heights for transition materials within a single wall definition and eliminates the need to define multiple walls when the heights of a material should change.

A simple Wall edit allows you to control the height and slope of the transition material so that you can achieve a wide variety of constructions.

This is very useful for stepping walls or sloping the material to follow the grade.

Wall Joins

Wall Joins between different Walls with different materials at different heights improved.

Wall Joins between different Walls with like materials improved.


Visible Items

The display of bearing and non-bearing walls are controlled separately on the Visible Items dialog.


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  1. I really like the transition option and the way you can change the footings in the wall edit dialog. Great job!

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