SoftPlan 2018 New Features: Plan Sets

3D Views

3D Model Views contained in a Plan Set have individual control over Building Options.

This allows different option combinations to be rendered in 3D on a single page.



DWG/DXF Batch Export added.


When a drawing is added to a Plan set the Auto Label command adds the current drawing mode to the drawing name, example "UPPER FLOOR - FRAMING".

The UPPER FLOOR drawing was added to the Plan Set and it is displaying in framing mode.



Scale 3/4” = 1’ -0” added to standard scales.



Schedules can be added directly to a Plan Set there is no need to add a schedule to drawing first.


Title Blocks

E-size title blocks added.



If the Zoom magnification is the only thing that changes in a drawing session SoftPlan will still prompt for a Save.


  1. I love Soft Plan however, I’ve paid a pretty penny for Soft Plan and would like to make my plans my own.

    How do I remove the . SOFT PLAN label from my border detail?

  2. when placing a stamp (IE @Plan) on plan a “Plan set” the label will reference the plan set folder not the drawing folder, witch is within the drawing folder
    for instance on drawing folder 12-123 the plan sets are located within this folder. 12-123/planset1. So when you place the stamp @plan on a plan set it places on the drawing “planset1” not 12-123

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