SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Area


The Area of a Ceiling is listed in the Edit menu.

2020 Ceiling area


Default color configuration added to the Finishing Options section of the System/Project Options.

2020 Area Color

Information Stamp

Areas attached to Notes that are added via Information Stamps will list according to the "Round Area to the Nearest Unit" setting from the Dimension/Extension Options.

2020 Area round information stamp

@AREA_MODEL# stamp added. This information stamp lists the specified area of all drawings currently in the model.

Visible Items

Area Value option added to Visible Items.


Area of a Paint pattern is listed in the Edit menu.

2020 Paint area


  1. Question: the BOMA standard Dominant Portion is the area point for office buildings and is often the window. Can the window Symbols be viewed in the 2020 version and can Area polylines snap to those symbols? I have to hold a reference on to my screen and toggle between Drawing and Area modes to moved the area line on to the symbol. Not accurate and not easy.
    Thanks for the reply!

    • Not exactly sure what you are trying to do but you may want to download the 2020 trial and try for yourself, please try setting up a custom drawing mode with Area visibility on along with the regular drawing items.

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