SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Ceiling


Ceiling Area is listed in the Edit menu.

2020 Ceiling area

Attic Floor

Draw Attic Floor command added. This action places a subfloor on the top side of the Ceiling Joist of bottom cord of the Truss.

2020 Ceiling Attic Floor

Coffered Ceiling

Crown Molding can reference the side of Beams. This is useful when creating coffered ceilings.



Ceiling Grille added.



Placement of Ceiling Insulation that is adjacent to a Gable End Roof has been improved.


Stagger option added to Ceiling Joists. This automatically reduces the first joist spacing.

2020 Ceiling Joist Stagger

Plate Height

Both bearing and non-bearing walls display their Plate Height in Ceiling Mode. Prior to this change, only the height of bearing walls was displayed.

2020 Ceiling Plate Height


Draw Post available directly in Ceiling Mode. 

2020 Ceiling draw Post

Reference Edge

Set Reference Edge command added to the right mouse click on Joists.

2020 Joist Set Refernce Edge


Override checkbox added to Tile Offset fields.


Ceiling Truss command added. This action places trusses below the ceiling rather than below the roof sheathing.

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