SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Beams


Beam Types already in use on the drawing appear at the top of the Beam Type list in the Edit menu.


Flush Beams in a Floor System can be dimensioned directly.

2020 Beam Floor System Dimension


Editing the Length of a Beam automatically updates extensions.

Framing Label

Beam Label added to the Visible Items control menu. This item is used to display the beam label alongside the joist label for Floor, Ceiling and Roof Framing drawings.

2020 Beam Label


Beam ID option added to plans and Beam Schedules.

2020 Beam ID


  1. Wish there was a toggle to turn off dimension/extension to particular beams. I place beams on plans for roof reference that won’t actually be used. I can make the beam hidden and turn off extract in model, but has to be retracted for dimensions.

    • Take a look at using the Dimension Point command – this will allow you to skip over items when placing dimensions.

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