SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Dimensions

Angle Dimension

Text Override option is available on an Angle Dimension.

2020 Dimension Angle Text Overide

Auto Dimension

Improvements made to Auto Dimension when the Include Interior Walls option is selected.

Arc Dimension

Display in Inches option added to Arc Dimensions.

2020 Arc Dimension in Inches

Arrow Head

Fat Line Arrow Heads maintain their aspect ratio as the size is increased or decreased.

Flat Arrow style added.

2020 dimension flat arrow


Flush Beams in a Floor System can be Dimensioned directly.

2020 Beam Floor System Dimension

Dimension Point

Settings in the Dimension Options for Shapes are considered when placing Dimensions via the Dimension Point command.


Dimensions can be input directly from Leica DISTO measuring devices.

Draw Select

Dimensions and Dimension Lines are much less prominent when using the Draw Select command. This change is particularity noticeable when working in congested areas of a plan which makes it much easier to select the desired item.

Plumbing Drops

In Floor System Mode, Extensions and Dimensions can be added to Plumbing Drops.

2020 Floor System Slab Plumbing Drop Extensions

Repeat Edit

Repeat Edit changes Dimensions with Show Text enabled.


Extensions and Dimensions can be pulled from either the Edge or Center of a Beam.


Round to Nearest option added to the Edit menu of dynamic Dimensions.

Top of Roof

Extensions and Dimensions can be added to locate the Top of Roof via the new Annotated mode in Elevations and Sections.

2020 Dimension Top of Roof


  1. I typically show plumbing drops on my plan views, can we look into having these dimensions show up in drawing mode?

    • You can do this now. Turn on the visibility for the plumbing drops and turn off the visibility for the symbols. Add the extension and dimensions – set visibility as desired.

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