SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Floor System

Building Options

Adding a Hole to a Floor System only cuts the hole through items on the active Building Option.


Flush Beams in a Floor System can be Dimensioned directly.

2020 Beam Floor System Dimension

Dimensions on structural slabs update as edges are adjusted.


Floor Grille command added.


Floor System Level selection added to the toolbar allowing the Level to be selected prior to placing the items.

2020 Floor System Level selection

Slab Footing

Reverse a Slab with Footings properly maintains the footing joins.

Slab Recess

Dimensions can be added to Slab Recesses.

2020 Floor System Slab Reccess Dimension

Dimension override fields added to Slab Recess, user can specify sizes independent of the wall above.

2020 Floor System Slab Recces


OWSJ Floor Joists default to be chord bearing.

2020 Floor Joist OWSJ Dropped

Plumbing Drops

Extensions and Dimensions can be added to Plumbing Drops.

2020 Floor System Slab Plumbing Drop Extensions


Draw Post command available directly in Floor System Mode.

2020 Floor System draw Post

Reference Edge

Set Reference Edge command added to the Right mouse click on Joists.

2020 Joist Set Refernce Edge

System/Drawing Options

OWSJ and Top Chord Bearing Truss types added to System/Drawing Options>Floor System Options.

2020 Floor Joist Type Sytem Option

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  1. Do slabs still show triangular “skirts” at the top. Never could figure those out, never could get rid of them.

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