SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Interiors


The Area of a section of Flooring displays in Interior Mode.

Building Options

Cabinets on disabled Building Options are ignored when placing Crown Molding.

Crown Molding

Crown Molding can reference the side of Beams useful when creating coffered ceilings.


3D preview added to Dentil Molding.

2020 Dentil Preview


Default color configuration added to the Finishing Options section of System/Project Options.

2020 Interior Flooring Color


Symbols and Cabinets can reference Subfloor or Flooring.  This placing the item on top of the flooring rather than through the flooring.

2020 Symbols Subfloor Refernce


Interiors can reference the edge of a set of stairs.  Flooring and baseboard with automatically update with the stair.

2020 Interiors Reference Stair


Interior polygons can reference the edge of Symbols, used to align the flooring with the edge of a bathtub.

2020 Interior reference Symbol


A single Wallcovering will extract over multiple walls.

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