SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Cabinets

Add Mirror

Add Mirror command added to Edit Cabinet.  Places the selected Mirror directly over the selected Cabinet.

Corner Cabinets

Chamfered Corner cabinet placement improved.


Freeform Countertops offset by default to be even with other Countertops.

Linetype option added to Freeform Countertops, default to match regular Countertops.

2020 Cabinet Freeform Countertop Linetype


Cabinets already used on the drawing appear at the top of the selection list when drawing a cabinet.

2020 Cabinet top of list

Commonly used Cabinets will appear at the top of the selection list when drawing a cabinet.


Cabinet Lighting added to Electrical Schedule.

2020 Electrical Schedule Cabinet Lighting


Default Finish option added to System/Project/Drawing Options.

2020 Cabinet Finish Option

Sink's cutting of countertops improved.

2020 Cabinet countertop cut improved


Cabinet Lighting added to SoftList.


Draw in Solid Line option added to Countertop and Wall Cabinets, when selected the countertop and upper cabinets draw with a solid line and the lower cabinets draw with a dashed line per NKBA standards.

2020 Cabinet Counter Solid Line


Edit a Cabinet will locate by selecting the countertop, previously the cursor had to be directly over the cabinet.


Freeform Countertop shade will not print if the countertop is set to not print.


Cabinet shape Standard renamed to Rectangular.


Reverse of Champhered Corner Cabinets improved.


3D Image option added to Cabinet Schedule.

2020 Cabinet Schedule

Handles added to Cabinet image on Cabinet Schedule.

2020 Cabinet Handles on Schedule

Type Erase

Cabinet Schedule added to type erase options

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