SoftPlan version 2020 New Features List: Building Options


Building Option Dialog is modeless: this allows the drawing to Zoom and Pan while the dialog is open.

Generated Items

Items that are derived from items on a Building Option inherit the Building Option so items on generated drawings (Elevations, Sections, Framing Plans … ) are placed on the same building option as the source item in the floorplan.

Hide Unused

Hide Unused option added when selected only Building Items containing items display.


Cabinets on disabled Building Options are ignored when placing Crown Molding.

Locked Building Options

Items on Locked Building Options display the current Building Option on a Right Click of the mouse.

2020 Layer Lock Righ Click


A Pen override option added, prints all items on a Building Options with the assigned pen rather than the pen assigned to the individual item.

2020 Building Option Pen Overide


Building Option setting changes: visibility, color and fade update the drawing immediately.
Pressing cancel will revert the changes on the screen and close the dialog.

Radio Buttons

Building Option Groups can now be added as either a checkbox or radio button group. Radio button groups allow only one to be visible at a time.


Items can be assigned to a Building Option via a right mouse click.

2020 Building Option Right Click


Numeric and Alphanumeric sorting added to Building Options.

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