SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: 3D


Continuous Animation playback option added to the Animation Timeline. This option restarts the animation after it ends.

2020 Animation Continuours

Rotate Camera Around Focus option added to the Animation Timeline.

Rotate Focus Around Camera option added to the Animation Timeline.


Caustics, Colored Reflection and Refraction added to the Ray Traced rendering options. These options provide the ability to show distortion for materials such as glass.

2020 3D Caustics Mode Options

2020 3D Caustics Refraction

2020 caustics_pathtrace2


Set Wall Tops command added to 3D.

2020 3D Set Wall Tops


3D Framing views accessed from the Navigation Window make it much simpler to display 3D framing in the model.

2020 3D Framing Mode


Direct export to Lumion added. The .FBX file also imports directly into the Unreal rendering engine.

Available to SoftPlan+ subscribers only.


Vertical and Horizontal Offset options added to Texture Edit.

2020 3D texture offset

Output Options

The Output Options menu has been removed. These functions have been relocated to the File > Save > Save as > Image and File > Save > Save as > Video menus.

Sight Line Study

Sight Line Study command added to 3D mode.  Displays what a person would see while standing at a specified point in the house.

2020 3D Site Line Study


Vertical Reverse and Horizontal Reverse options enabled on a right-click of the mouse in 3D.

Performance improved when dealing with Symbols containing a large number of surfaces.

2020 3D symbols high surface count wire

Ray Traced

Estimated Time to Complete displayed when a Path Trace rendering is generating.

2020 3D Estimated Time


3D Speed option added to the System Options. This option controls how fast the camera moves.

Sun Study

Sun Studies can be added directly to the Animation Timeline when creating a 3D animation.

2020 3D Animation Sun Option


Common Textures on co-planer walls from different floor plans will align on the 3D model.

2020 3D texture align

Tone Mapping

The background on a Tone Mapped image is excluded from the tone mapping effect.


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