SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Symbols


Vertical Reverse and Horizonal Reverse enabled on the Right Mouse Click in 3D.  


Symbols with Attributes display a bubble containing the attribute contents when the cursor is over the symbol.

Change Symbol

Only folders containing Symbols used on the drawing display on the tree, making the selection of the source Symbol easier.

2020 Symbol Change Symbol

Change Symbol command added to right mouse click.

Change Symbol option added to change the current symbol, all the occurrences of the symbol on the current drawings or all occurrences of the symbol in the entire model.

2020 Symbol Change Symbol model

Corner Snap

A symbol can act as a corner for Symbol placement, making it easier to place a washer next to a dryer for example.


Comment and Link fields added to the Symbol definition so the information is automatically added at draw time.

Definition changes initiated from a 3D model window are maintained.


ESC key stops the symbol preview until the mouse is clicked again.

Extraction Options

Interior Elevation extraction option added allowing a symbol to be included in an interior elevation while excluded from an exterior elevation.

2020 Symbol Interior Elevation Extract


Interior polygons can reference the edge of Symbols, used to align the flooring with the edge of a bathtub.

2020 Interior reference Symbol

Move | Draw

If a symbol is defined without "Ignore Walls" selected it will "bump" off rather than move into a wall making accurate Symbol placement easier.

Move | Edit

If a symbol is only visible in a single mode (Visible in All Modes checkbox off) then the symbol can be moved or edited in the drawing mode that it is visible in.


Draw Symbol display a preview showing how the symbol will be placed.


The dimensions of the symbol display on the Draw Symbol dialog box making it easier to select the appropriate item.

2020 symbol size listed


Symbols can be set to reference roofs, offset and slope, by default.

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