SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Elevations & Sections

Dimensions, Extensions, Notes, Symbols, and other details can be added to live Elevations, Cross Sections, and
Interior Elevations in the new Annotated mode.
As changes are made to the model drawings, dimensions and auto generated elevation markers revise to create
up-to-date detailed images that can be directly added to Plan Sets. The underlying model data is available to edit on these views by simply switching into Model mode, making the changes, and then switching back into Annotated mode to continue adding details. Elevations and sections can also be rendered in any of SoftPlan’s 3D modes to create a number of different presentation styles.

Auto Label

Floor and Wall labels default to UPPERCASE.

2020 elevation Upper Case


Elevations extract Cabinets, useful for outdoor kitchens.


Wall and floor height indicators default to UPPERCASE.

2020 Elevations UPPERCASE

Gable End

The line between the wall and the gable end material is automatically removed if the two surfaces are the material and are coplanar.

2020 Elevation Gable End Line


Pen Settings and Layers on a saved Elevation, Section, and Interior Elevation come from the Project Options rather than the System Options.

Section and Interior Elevation Lines appear faded when on a Layer set to Fade.


If Custom lighting option is NOT selected all elevations are lit equally.  This ignores the real sun position and brightens all Elevation, Interior Elevation and Section Views.

2020 Elevations Auto Lighting

Shadows are NOT added to Sections by default.


Co-planer materials of the same type no longer generate lines (the lines between the floors and the gable end) on an elevation or section.

Direction can automatically be added to the Elevation Name, for example, West Elevation.


If the Render Options > Face Options > Opacity setting is at 100% the glazing in the windows will be completely opaque preventing items inside the house from showing.


Issue with duplicate Openings appearing on Elevations is resolved.

Opening Opacity is 100% by default preventing items from inside the house from showing on elevations.

2020 Elevation Opening Opacity


Wall Definition Profile changes are updated to the model immediately.


Sub-Fascia added to saved Sections as a Board End.


Extensions can be added to the peak of the Roof.

2020 Dimension Top of Roof


All Stair and Railing Types extract in Elevations and Sections.  Formerly only Deck Stairs extracted.


Non-bearing walls extract in Elevations.
Drywall extracts in Elevations.


  1. the auto notes (“top of foundation, top of subfloor, etc”) can that be abbreviated (TOF, TOFF, ETC) and / or elevation markers for elevations at those specific heights?

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