SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Roof

Accent Truss

Accent Truss command added to parametrically place the decorative truss into a gable end.

2020 Roof Accent Truss

Auto Roof

Auto Roof improved.


Roofs with sections extending under other sections improved.

2020 Roof Pull UNder


Placement of Cricket Roofs improved.


Extensions and Dimensions can be pulled from either the Edge or Center of a Beam.


Fascia Thickness Roof Option added.

2020 Roof Fascia Thickness

Fascia and Soffit

Soffits and Fascia formation improved, most noticeable on contemporary home designs.


Nested Dutch Gable Roof Frieze improved.

2020 roof nested dutch gable freize

Double Bull Nose Roof Frieze improved.


Frieze placement on small jogs in walls improved.


Double Hip Roof Holes Fascia properly forms.

2020 Roof Hole Double Hip

Gable End Profile

Profiles option added to Gable End material, used to represent board & batten.

2020 Roof Gable End Board and Batten


Roof Insulation option added.  This applies insulation (sprayed) directly to the underside of the roof sheathing.

2020 Roof Insulation


Roof planes on different Layers intersections improved.

Saddle Roof

Saddle Roofs are added with a single mouse click drawing action.

Ridge Cap

Default Ridge Cap properties added to System/Project/Drawing Options so Ridge Caps can be added to Roofs by default.

2020 Roof Option Ridgecap


Gable Vents added to Bullnose Roofs.

2020 Roof Bullnose Gable Vent

Roof Vents can be automatically added to a Roof Plane based on area.


Fit to Roof command improved.


  1. I would like to have the ability to specify how many roof vents I want on a specific roof plane, not relying on the program to tell me how many I need.

  2. I would like to have the ability to control multiple roofing material thickness ie, asphalt shingles and standing seam metal. More and more designs are combining different roofing textures, as it stands, one thickness for both materials is all I can control.

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