SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Miscellaneous

Auto Basement

Wall change behavior when creating a lower floor via the Auto Basement command enhanced.

Stairs included in generated Auto Basement.

Edit Dialog

Simple calculations can be completed directly in the fields on a dialog box for example: - 6"+7/16" adds 7/16" of an inch to 6" to make 6.4375"

High Resolution Monitors

Higher resolution icons added: 64x64 and 256x256.

Rod & Shelf

If the Wall at the end of a Rod Ramp; Shelf is moved the Rod & Shelf is automatically adjusted.

Wire Shelf option added to defaults.

2020 Misc Wire Shelf default

Number of Rods option added.

2020 Rod and Self multiple rods

The Rod & Shelf back and ends locate and account for the drywall.


2020 Misc Rod and Shelf pull bacl from drywall

Selection Set

Previous Selection command added to the Tools menu or pressing P will recall your last section set.

System Options

Enable Multiple Undo Option removed.

Visible Items

Visible Items on the drawings update in real time when turned off/on from the dialog.

One Comment

  1. Any improvement on how shelves butt into partially angled walls?
    An example of this situation is a chopped or mitered corner in the back of a closet the shelves currently follow the angled wall often protruding beyond the outside of the straight wall rather than following the angled wall then adjusting to follow the side wall.

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