SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Roof Framing

Building Options

Roofs on disabled Building Options do not affect how Truss Sets generate.

Ceiling Truss

Ceiling Truss command added trusses are placed below the ceiling rather than below the roof sheathing.


Remove Roof Framing added to the right click of a framed roof.

2020 Roof Framing Erase

Hip Set

Valley Rafter of a Hip Set stops at an intersection with a Girder Truss.

2020 roof framing hip set

Hip Truss Set command added, places girder and hip trusses in a single command.



Edit dialog displays a 3D image of the element being edited.

2020 Roof Framing preview


Purlin Thickness option added.

2020 Roof Purlin Thickness

Use Purlins default be added to the Roof Options dialog.

Scissor Truss

Energy Heel added to Scissor Truss.


Truss Pitch lists on SoftList Report.


Profile option added to Truss, used to for log and post & beam construction.

2020 Roof Framing Truss Profile


    • Purlins are placed perpendicular to the roof framing in lieu of the sheathing. You may want to ask the support department to see if they have a way to place the members this way.

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