SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Decks


Length of a Deck Beam edit option added.

2020 Deck Beam length

Deck Beam ID option added.


Edit Dimension can be used to change the length of a Deck Bench.

Beam Schedule

Deck Beams can be added to Beam Schedule.

Deck Post Caps

Deck Rail Post Caps Finish option added.


Compound Deck Stair editing improved.


Wood framed Ramp command added to Deck Stairs.

2020 Deck Wood Ramp


  1. Can you guys add a feature to slope the deck surface? Thinking that when one does a waterproof deck and it requires for example a 1/4″ per 12″ of deck for water runoff…it would be great to show that properly without having to draw a solid for that.

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