SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Stairs

Concrete Step

Radius Concrete Steps with Round Nosing completely form.

2020 Concerete Step Round Nosing and Radius

Copy to SoftPlan Clipboard | Paste from SoftPlan Clipboard

Stairs hold their absolute positions when copied to and pasted from the SoftPlan clipboard, they do not adjust for the drywall.


Interiors can reference the edge of a set of stairs.  Flooring and baseboard with automatically update with the stair.

2020 Interiors Reference Stair


The Total Riser Count note can be relocated to avoid conflicts with other items on the drawing.

2020 Stair Move Riser Count


Riser Thickness option added.

2020 Stair Riser Thickness

Total Riser Option added controls default display.

2020 Stair Riser Count option

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