SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Openings


Casement windows can show open in 3D if a Hinge Side is specified.

Extraction Options Simple and Enhanced have been removed.


A-series windows added.

E-series windows added (Eagle Windows removed).


The deflection on an arch top can be edited on the opening level, eliminating the need to create an arch for each width/radius combination.

2020 opening arch edit

Barn Doors

Double Barn Doors place one leaf on either side of the opening.

2020 Opening Barn Door double

Barn Doors open the full width in 3D and Interior Elevations.




Brick Mold

Brick Mold displays in plan view as a non-printable item like other opening trim.

2020 Opening Brick Mold

Camber Top Doors

Libraries of Camber Top Doors added.


Between Openings options added to the Center Opening command, moves the selected opening equidistant to the openings on each side.

2020 Opening Center Between Openings


Deflection option added to multiple vertical section windows, single-hung & double-hung, to allow the creation of arched tops.

Door Swing

If a single door is edited to become a double door the swing defaults to Left/Right.

Opening Edit Single to Double Door Swing


Issue with overlapping duplicate Openings on Elevations resolved.

Exterior Trim

Jack Arch over openings can be added via the new Deflection option on Exterior Trim.

Frame Thickness

Windows have separate Frame Thickness settings from Doors.

Garage Door

Display Open in Model option added to Garage Doors.


Interior Grille surfaces are separate from exterior when the Cladding option is selected.

Prairie Perimeter Grille Style added, places a single prairie grill over a two sections window.

2020 Opening Grill Perimeter Prarie

Custom Grilles enabled.

Interior Trim

When the size of an Opening is changed the Interior Trim on the 3D model updates immediately.

Interior Finish on an opening can be overridden in Room Mode, the Interior Trim can be different colors, or even removed, in different rooms.

2020 Opening Interior Finish Option

Mounting Bucks

Opening Mounting Bucks option added, places framing inside the rough opening of a block or concrete wall.


Dimensions on Niches follow the dimension options for openings.

2020 Niche Dimension

Opening ID

Omit Opening ID option added to Display Options, allows an opening number to be skipped on the schedule.

Opening Schedules

SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) column added to Opening Schedules.

Room Schedule ID column added to Opening Schedules ties the opening id with the location on the plan.

Remove and Fill

Display option Remove and Fill added.

2020 Opening Remove and Fill

Reverse Cottage

Reverse Cottage window type added.

Round Openings

Round Opening placement in thick walls improved.

2020 Opening Round Openings Thick Walls


Vertical and Horizontal Sections options added, used when creating modern aesthetic windows.

2020 Opening Vertical Sections


Shutter Width override option added.

2020 Opening Shuter Width Edit


Opening Size displays on the dialog box making selecting the proper opening easier.

2020 Opening Size

Slider Window

Slider Window Sashes display in plan view.

2020 Opening Slider Displays in Plan

Sloped Bottom

Bottom Slope option added to Openings.

Trapezoid Windows

Grille size on Trapezoid Windows can be changed.

2020 Opening Trapizoid Grille

The legs lengths on a Trapezoid window can be controlled independently.

One Comment

  1. Why can’t we have shutters on an arc top window that will accurately mirror the deflection of the window they are selected for? SoftPlan has only arc top shutters for fully arced or round top windows. Currently there is no way to do that that I know of besides creating them for each size and deflection using solids or exporting into another program such as SketchUp, modifying, and importing back into SoftPlan.

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