SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: Site


Generation of Site Plans with very large numbers of shot points is faster.


Site Work type Concrete added, used for air handling equipment or pool equipment pads etc.

Form Polygon

Edit Form Polygon command provides visual feedback making it easier to see the results.

Google Earth

Import Google Maps Site Data command added imports site terrain from Google directly into the Site in SoftPlan.
Note: This feature is only available to SoftPlan+ subscribers.


Site Hole command added used to cut a hole in a non-property Site polygon, for example, a hole in a patio to accommodate a pool.


Neighborhood dialog revised: modeless, resizable, and changes update live.

2020 Site Neighborhood Dialog


Opacity option added to Site Polygons.

2020 Site Poly Opacity


Site Line Pen setting will Repeat Edit.

Repeat Edit

Fit Site Polygon to Ground command will Repeat Edit.

Shot Points

Extract in Model option added to Shot Point, when selected the elevation of the point will affect the associated site poly regardless of it's new vs. existing setting.

2020 Site Exitract in Model

A Draw Shot dialog appears when the drawing action is started, allowing the elevation to be set resulting in a smoother drawing process.

Surface Area

Surface Area added to the Site Poly properties, this is separate from area taking into account elevation changes.

2020 Site Surface Area


Edit of Direction of North can be undone.


Volume data added to Site Polygon edit dialog.

2020 Site Volume

Water Feature

Site Work type Water Feature added, used for ponds etc.


  1. When drawing a large lot, it’s difficult to zoom into all areas in site mode…very frustrating.

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