SoftPlan version 2020 New Features: UHD Monitors


3D Navigation, 3D Camera, 3D View Dialog size increased.

Size of  icons increased on 3D Surface Edit:

  • List View/Grid View
  • Edit Color
  • Select Color

Assign Icons

Icon Size increased on Systems Options > Assign Icons configuration.

Calculator Button

On an Edit dialog the size of the calculator button increased.


Navigation Tree highlight properly sized.


Icon size on Schedules increased.

Print Pen

The Print Pen selection dropdown on the toolbar appears properly.


The Rulers on Plan Set pages and at the top of the layout dialog for SoftList display properly.

Draw Symbol

The size of the List View / Grid View icons increased.


The source icons for the Ribbon menu increased in size.

2020 icons


Icons for SoftList Layout mode increased in size.


Drop boxes and Table Title Size increased.

Sort, Reorder and Adjust indicators properly sized.


Linestyle selector drop down increased in size.

Texture selector drop down increased in size.

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