1. Hi ,
    If we draw a wall ,Then curve the wall from the top using the option “Top deflection ”
    After it is curved ,How can we make the trim to follow the top curve instead it just goes straight .
    What other option we can use ?

    Thank you

  2. I have been using Softplan 2014 and it’s not so great at multi-thread/multi-core utilization. Does Softplan 2020 make better use of multiple cores on the CPU?

    • The video card is by far the most important component in SoftPlan’s performance. You may want to download the trial to see how version 2020 performs on your specific hardware.

  3. I am a Softplan+ subscriber and would like to update from 2014 Softplan to 2020 Softplan. I will be using the 2020 softplan on a new computer. I computer/technology skills are pretty basic. Could you please instruct on what to do to achieve the above. Thanks

  4. I would like to buy the 2020 version of softplan
    I would like to know what purchasing option you would have.

  5. Why are the Elevations when saved as drawings become entities that need to be exploded? Is there a way to explode the entire drawing?

    • When an elevation is saved as a drawing some items need to be exploded and others do not. This has not changed with the version 2020 upgrade. Please reach out the technical support so they can sort out what is going on.

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