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Is it possible to just insert symbols into Plan Set mode?

Plan Set Symbols issue

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#1 Bradford Rainey

Bradford Rainey


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Posted 07 February 2021 - 07:29 PM

Hello all!  So this is officially the first post.  


So my question is..... Can you take a symbol (More specifically a symbol that I created) and insert it into a Plan Set? 

If it could be as easy as taking a Section View and moving it around in plan set that would fix it the way I am drawing these.


I am have got to be doing something wrong.  I have somewhat figured out the "Building Options" and Layers.  So I have been adding sets of things that I want to have turned off on my plan sets under the "Building Options" so i can select which ones I want visible.  However, It has become frustrating when I go back to my model "Main Floor" and then navigate through the different "Active Mode(s)" just to see items that have been opened in lets say "Drawing" to be the same ones opened in "Floor System" or "Roof".  Then when I go into plan sets and see my elevations without a roof because I turned off the "Building Option" in another mode earlier.  I would like to just be able to just add footing details that I have created as a symbol straight into the plan sets without going back and forth into active modes.....


Do I need to be creating different  Models?  That seems like that would be easier than bouncing through all the "active modes"  Also, if the "Building Options" and layers could be more specific to each "Active mode", then that would also make my life easier and less time spent bouncing....


Hope I was able to explain it the way I am seeing it in my head....

#2 Keith Almond

Keith Almond

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Posted 07 February 2021 - 09:12 PM



I think you are using BUILDING OPTIONS wrongly. Typically Building Options is for WINDOW A or WINDOW B variables ... Not to define what you see in the planset.


The planset presents drawings - ANY drawings - that you insert into them. So open a new drawing, call it say - DETAIL 1 - add the symbol (or any details) you need. Save it as a completely independent drawing, and then insert it into the planset on it's own.


Use the DRAWING MODE generally, But if you want to display say ELECTRICAL, then insert the same plan again in Electrical Mode


A lot of items are VISIBLE IN ALL MODES. If you want to be able to turn items on and off, then add them to layers, NOT building options. Until you really understand what you are doing with BUILDING OPTIONS, then I would stay away from them.


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#3 Bradford Rainey

Bradford Rainey


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Posted 08 February 2021 - 12:33 PM

Now it all makes sense. So that is how i can make these details, they can be inserted into the plan set and moved around as a separate drawing?  Also, I noticed in the Navigation menu that they have a "Detail" tab... how is that used or how can i use it?

#4 Gary McKeon

Gary McKeon

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Posted 08 February 2021 - 01:48 PM

I have many, many pre-drawn details in a softplan folder entitled "details". Sub-folders within that as well. As I am putting my plan sets together I go to windows explorer and copy over all of the details that I want for that project making sure I grab the .spd of the detail and not the .spp. I put them into the project folder. If the project itself is already open as I am doing this then I need to do a 'save' and all of the details and notes will populate the navigation tree. I then drag all the details into the 'details' file in the navigation bar and notes into "other". It would be nice if I was able to do this while in windows explorer but no can do.  

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