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Build Orientation on Site plan

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#1 Guest_Dan JkjDa35_*

Guest_Dan JkjDa35_*
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Posted 05 November 2021 - 09:44 AM

Softplan 2022 User:


I have drawn the basic shell of a house and created a site plan using a few elevations we took from the job site. (site plan was created using the building outline technique and it is it's own drawing) 


I need to rotate the house so that it sits in the best position for the existing grade for the walk out basement.

I cannot get the building to rotate or move on the site plan.  When I move/rotate the building outline, in the site plan tab, then go to the 3D tab, ONLY the hole in the ground has moved.  The building has not moved. 


If I rotate the building using block rotate, from the Main floor tab, only the main floor rotates, not the entire house.  (I thought that is what the reference point was for) I have rotated the basement, main floor, and 2nd floor individually, but they don't rotate around the reference point.  So the don't stack up properly. 


  1. How can I rotate the entire house and keep all the floors aligned per the reference point?
  2. How can I rotate &/or move the entire house, on the site plan if I need orient it differently?  


#2 John Jones

John Jones

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Posted 05 November 2021 - 10:09 AM

This video from our YouTube channel should help Friday Fundamental | Overview of Site Plan - YouTube.

#3 Guest_Dan J_*

Guest_Dan J_*
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Posted 05 November 2021 - 12:23 PM

I have watched several videos, including that one.  Nothing is working.  When I rotate anything on the site plan, then go to 3D, only the hole in the ground has moved, the building stays where it was.


#4 Guest_Steve B_*

Guest_Steve B_*
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Posted 16 April 2022 - 01:18 AM

I’ve been wrestling with this same issue. If I orient North so that the building outline on the Site plan is square with all of the other Floor Plans in the Model stack, then select the option to rotate only the Site plan (bottom of stack), it will orient the footprint correctly in the model.

#5 Bill Wimberley

Bill Wimberley

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Posted 17 April 2022 - 12:31 PM

How I rotate the site to correctly place the house.
  1. In Site mode for the house I select the Draw Tab. Then Building Outline-->Generate Building Outline. I save the generated outline to a file I name BO.spd for Building Outline.
  2. With BO.spd open I select File-->Save As and create a new drawing named Site.spd. Site.spd is an exact copy of BO.spd. I then erase the building outline from within the Site.spd leaving a blank drawing. I now have 2 drawings in the Site Plans section of the Navigation pane. BO.spd and Site.spd.
  3. In Site.spd I draw the actual site plan using the information provided by the survey or plat.
  4. After the site is complete I determine where I want the front of the house oriented on the site. I draw a "Misc A" line across the site to represent the location of the front of the house. This line should be angled how you want the house to be on the lot and at the distance the house is to be from the front of the lot. The Misc A line is used to set the Direction of North for the site. The Direction of Noth determines the rotation of the site. By using Direction of North instead of Rotate Block you can rotate the site without affecting the site bearings.
  5. Rotate the lot so that Misc A is horizontal.
    1. If you are using SP 2022 or later you can use "Rotate To Ortho" from the Edit tab. Just select Rotate To Ortho and click on the Misc A line from Step 4. The site will rotate so that Misc A is vertical. Then then select Direction of North and add or subtract 90 degrees from the current Direction of North to make the Misc A line horizontal. Your site should now be properly rotated. If it is flipped upside down just use Direction of North again and add or subtract 180 degrees.
    2. If you are using SP 2020 or earlier edit the Misc A line and turn on Bearing. Then please see the tutorial at https://softplantuts...Direction-North for how to rotate the lot using Direction of North.
  6. Once your lot is properly rotated select File-->Merge and merge the BO.spd drawing into the Site. Move the outline to the exact location where you want the house. If you did not previously have a Reference Point inserted in your floor plan add one now to the same location on both the building outline and the floor plan.
  7. Add Site.spd to the bottom of the model stack. Your house is now properly located on the 2D site plan as well as in 3D. And because you rotated the site rather than the house your house remains the same as it was. And because the site was rotated using Direction of North all your bearings remain correct.

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