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Posted 09 April 2022 - 08:20 AM

Why does my cursor change from large too small for no reason? It's annoying that I am moving along and the cursor changes from large too small. Have to go to options to change back to large.

#2 Henry Buckner

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Posted 09 April 2022 - 08:37 AM

The tilde key (below esc) toggles this change.

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#3 Keith Almond

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Posted 09 April 2022 - 10:13 AM

As Henry says the TILDE key controls that toggle.


SHIFT TILDE (Accent) will toggle the cursor angle from ORTHO to the last SET ANGLE (and vice versa).


CTRL TILDE will toggle CURSOR SIZE (whilst zoomed out far enough).




From the HELP files:




Cursor Options
This menu allows for the modification of the cursor and highlighting options.
Highlight Current Item
By default, when the cursor is placed over an item, the item is displayed bold, thus differentiating it from surrounding items.  If you want to disable this feature, select Options ® Cursor Options ® Highlight Current Item.  To reactivate, select Highlight Current Item once more. 
Small Cursor
The cursor normally moves at 1/8" increments since most architectural work is limited to this precision. This may cause difficulty when trying to draw in highly magnified areas. To allow the cursor to move more smoothly in these areas, use the Small Cursor. To select it, select Options ® Cursor Options ® Small Cursor. The extension lines on the cursor cross hairs disappear and only the cross hairs remain.
Note that when you use the small cursor, the locate tolerance level is also reduced and the cursor will need to be very close to an item before it will snap to it.
      ·    You can also select the small cursor by pressing the Accent () keyboard key.
To Set the Cursor Options
1.   Select Options ® Cursor Options ® Cursor Options. The Cursor Options menu opens:
2.   Use the following items to define information:
Angle Cursor
The SoftPlan cursor is initially set on a horizontal/vertical axis allowing you to draw items horizontally and vertically. Besides this horizontal/vertical cursor orientation, you can also set the cursor at any angle allowing you to draw items at any angle. To do this:
1.   Check the item Angle Cursor.
2.   In the Angle field, enter the angle at which you want to draw.
3.   Select ok. The cursor is set to that angle.
·    To return to the horizontal/vertical cursor, do one of the following:
      –  Select Options ®Cursor Options, remove the check from Angle Cursor, and select ok.
      –  Press shift + ~on the keyboard. 
·    By pressing shift + ~ on the keyboard, you can toggle between the horizontal/vertical cursor and the cursor angle set in the Cursor Options menu. 
·    If you are adding a symbol along the edge of a wall, the symbol will automatically set to the same angle as the wall.
·    When moving, adjusting, copying, or dimensioning items, the cursor will automatically change to the angle of the item to be moved, adjusted, copied, or dimensioned.
 Cursor Size
When drawing, moving, or erasing an item, SoftPlan scans the area around the cursor to locate the nearest item. You can specify the tolerance at which the cursor will locate the nearest item. The locate feature makes selecting an item easier.
You can set a tolerance value for both the Small Cursor and the Large Cursor. Enter a value from 1 (the lowest tolerance) to 20 (the highest tolerance).  The size of the cursor on the drawing screen will reflect the tolerance level that is currently set.
·          By default, the Small Cursor has a lower tolerance level. To temporarily choose the small cursor, select Options ® Cursor Options ® Small Cursor, or press the Accent (`) keyboard key. For more information on the Small Cursor, see the section Small Cursor in this exercise.
·          If you set the Cursor size to a lower value, you must be more exact when choosing items since the cursor must be closer to an item before it will locate on it.
·         When working on small details, you may find that you occasionally select an item other than the one you want. By reducing the Cursor Size, you can gain better control on the item to be selected.
·          If you set the Cursor Size to a higher value, you do not need to be as exact when choosing an item since the cursor will locate the closest item it finds.
      Cursor Movement Grid
Check the appropriate radio button to specify if the cursor will move in increments of 1/8 of an inch or 1 inch. 
Auto Line Terminate
When drawing lines, SoftPlan by default, automatically stops drawing additional lines whenever the previous line ends within the locate tolerance of an existing line. If you want the program to draw lines continuously when you end a line close to an existing line, uncheck the option Auto Line Terminate. 
Right-click to manually cancel the drawing of additional lines at the end of the current line.
Display Snap Points
Different shapes that you draw have Snap points. These snap points make it easier for you to locate items. By default, if Snap is turned on, the snap points of a shape will be automatically displayed whenever you are within the cursor locate tolerance that you have set in the Cursor Options menu.
Uncheck Display Snap Points if you do not want the snap points displayed whenever Snap is activated.
      ·    The visual appearance of a snap point on an item is dependent on what item it is, and where on the item it is located, for example: at an end point, a corner point, a center point, or at a point along its edge.
      ·    For more information on the Snap feature, see the section Snap in this exercise.
Enable Snap Projection
With Cursor Snap enabled, SoftPlan will automatically create a projection of the current cursor action when referencing a snap point. This projection acts as a preview to assist the action you are performing.
By default this feature is enabled. Uncheck Enable Projection Snap to turn off projection snap.
3.  Select ok when you have finished setting information.
      Changes made to the Cursor Options under the Options menu are reset to the default values whenever SoftPlan is exited and restarted again. To learn how to change the default values for the Cursor Options, see Defining the Cursor Options.

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